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Monday, 5 August 2013

Now small Biogas plant is available according to the size of the family . Plat also available according o your usage and requirement . Som family have 4 members some of them have 6 or 8 different sizes of biogas plant is now available in the market .For  your convenient usage now available portable biogas plant s also . Some of the simple operable biogas plants images are shown below .before you go for a biogas plant you must calculate how much biowaste is available in your home biowaste in the sense, Race juice, Vegetable waste, Food waste, fish waste, Chicken waste etc..... Other than this you can utilise the waste water after the production of Rubber sheet is also a good material for the best production of biogas. After the implementation of a small biogas plant at least one person must give attention every week for the smooth running give small care for the plant every day because over waste loading is also not good for the better gas production. fere buying a small biogas plant the above things must be in your mind

small biogas plant kerala

Small Biogas plant suitable for small family 

Small Portable biogas plant in kerala

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