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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Before buying a Portable biogas plant some important things must be in your mind. The important thing mentioned as follows. You must ask and conform the below mentioned questions to your biogas plant manufacturer because the misunderstanding between the customer and the seller of the bio gas plant is causing the biogas plant is an unwanted thing after a year . In my opinion biogas plant is a better option even its small family (4 members) or a medium family (8-10 members). But you must have an attitude to maintain. It is not a highly complicated mechanism . Its working principle is very very simple. 0% risk factor, because of the gas leakage.

Important Question Must ask to the Portable biogas plant supplier 

1, What is the price of the portable biogas plant?
2, What are the things included in this price (Stove, hose, burner Etc....)?
3, What is the durability of the plant (material used for the construction of the plant)?
4 is it possible to fix on the top of the house?
5, is it sufficient the domestic Bio waste depends up on your family members (specify the number of your family)?
6, How many hours can use the gas per day continuously)?
7, Even they have been saying 3 hours ask them this for 3 hours continuously or not...?
8 How much kilogram of  domestic Bio waste require per day?
9 is any problem when it's not having been using about a month?
10, Cow dug is compulsory every day or every week?
11, How fast the byproduct is filled on the outlet chamber?
12,Have any unwanted smell occur while its working or in ideal state ?

portable Biogas plant in kerala
Portable Biogas Plant Model-01

Portable Model Biogas plant in kerala
Portable Model Biogas plant in Kerala

Portable Model Biogas plant in kerala
Portable Model Biogas plant Different Models

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